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Detergent Formulation Consulting
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Carwash Shampoo
5 March 2024

Car Wash Shampoo

Car production is increasing every year, and as a result, there’s a growing demand for car washing detergents. A typical car wash shampoo contains at ...
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12 November 2020

Understanding Coldset and Heatset Offset Printing

Coldset and heatset both refer to a process used to dry ink after it has already been applied to the paper. With both coldest and ...
8 October 2020


What is a Surfactant? Surfactants are a primary component of cleaning detergents. The word surfactant means surface active agent. As the name implies, surfactants stir ...



ECOCHEM is a knowledge base company that provides technical knowledge for producing a wide range of products in field of detergent industry, spray and aerosol industry, and ink and print industry. Beside our knowledge base activities we supply raw materials and finished products for these industries from reliable producer with competitive prices.